What will you experience

I have delivered this course face to face so you will get the same experince as if we were in the same room. I will be taking you through each section. Please see what each section contains here:

  • A warm welcome to find out who are spirit guides and what to expect

  • Clear your subconscious fears and find out why we need to do this exercise.

  • Upgrade your Chakras with the help of Dragons inc. a beautiful image of the Chakras

  • Journey to Meet Your Spirit Guides with my guidance and support

  • Bonuses gallore

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What an amazing week I’ve had developing and building on my ability to connect with my spirit guides, I’ve learned new techniques to clear my chakras and my self beliefs. The meditations and videos were back up with pdfs to assist with my learning. The meditations were really amazing as I felt my chakras open stronger than before. Olwen used a variety of tools, to help me sense, see, know and fell my guides around me. I felt confident that what I was sensing was right for me. Olwen was very reassuring throughout the recorded content. The whole was very transformational, I now feel that I am getting clearer message and guidance from my guides which I can only build upon by listening to the meditations again and again. Thanks Olwen.

I'm so excited for you to be joining me on your journey to Meet Your Spirit Guides. Are you excited to?